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On a warm, sunny day, my Spanish libation of choice is a Tinto de Verano.  It is a popular local drink in the Costa del Sol.  I have never been into wine spritzers, which this resembles, but surrounded by a paradisal ambiance this cocktail hits the spot.

“Tinto de Verano” translates into English as “Red Wine of Summer”.  Isn’t that lovely?  (It makes me like it even more)

It is normally made up of equal parts red wine (preferably, but not necessarily, Spanish) and gaseosa over ice (lemon garnish if you want to get fancy).  Simple.  Gaseosa is basically a lightly-sweetened lemon/lime soda.  You can replicate this at home with Sprite, 7-Up or a San Pellegrino Limonata would be very nice.

Now, let me bring your attention to the glass.  I can not stress enough how double-wall glasses have enhanced my happiness (that’s right, bold).  They keep your drink cooler longer and your glass does…not…sweat.  Brilliant!  This may seem trivial, but try keeping your delicious drink cold under a scorching sun…and say goodbye to water rings.  Need I say more??

Pictured above is my favorite by Sun’s Tea as it is inexpensive and more durable than Bodum double-wall glasses.  I own Bodum ones as well, and I use them for my coffee.

Anyways, try a Tinto de Verano on a hot day and infuse a little Spain into your summer!