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During our week in Shanghai, Mom and I took a side trip to visit the city of Suzhou.

With over 2,500 years of history and home to canals, stone bridges and beautiful classical gardens, Suzhou is a convenient 1.5 hour drive from Shanghai.

Unfortunately, we did not have the best weather our first day.  Fortunately, a few of my photos turned out well enough to share some sights with you.

Yunyan Pagoda (or Huqiu Tower) in Tiger Hill.  In more than a thousand years, this pagoda has gradually slanted to approximately a 3.5% lean because half of the foundation is rock and the other half is on soil.  Though it had some reinforcements in 1957, the pagoda was completed in around 961 AD…so I think it’s holding up rather well!

Canal in Tiger Hill

Luckily, the rain held off while we were at Lingering Garden.  Dating from the end of the 16th Century, this is one of the 9 Classical Gardens of Suzhou that were collectively declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

This majestic tree in the Lingering Garden is over 250 years old.

Of course, it always comes back to food!  Even on a dreary day the street vendors are out selling their treats.  Everything from dumplings…

…to roasted chestnuts and rice porridge…

…to sweet potatoes and stinky fried tofu.  Yes, that’s really what it’s called and, trust me, it has earned its name!  (but, apparently tastes delicious)

This lady was cranking out multiple goodies from sausages, more tofu and these omelet-type pancakes with your choice of toppings.

Stay tuned for more from Suzhou…