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…Germans and one little Swiss!

Boy oh boy.  Picture this.  I’m lying in bed, mostly horizontal, computer on my lap, basically immobilized from thorough food consumption for the last two days.

I hope know many of you can empathize.

I may fall into a food coma soon, therefore I’m attempting to get as much down on paper before that happens.

Bf and I introduced “American Thanksgiving” to our Spanish friends last year.  They were so delighted by the traditional fare (plus overwhelmed and stuffed!) that we repeated our feast again this year!

Bf and I pre-ordered another beautiful fresh turkey from our local butcher, brined “Rocky II” overnight and did the bulk of the cooking.  Our friends provided the beer, cava, wine, after-dinner aperitifs, dessert and their excellent company!

This is dear bf’s plate…first plate that is.  He started out light.  Heh.

What’s on the menu:

Roasted Turkey, Mushroom Gravy, Sweet Potato Bake, “Polenta” Corn Bread, Good Old Country Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce and Green Beans with bacon.

Seems simple, sure…but it is challenging to find some of the necessary ingredients here in Marbella – such as, sage (fresh or dry) or fresh cranberries (we made our sauce from the sweetened dried type, it turned out pretty good).

This is my modest portion.  I was, strategically, pacing myself.  Plus, I don’t like mixing my savories with my sweets.  Is that strange?

Note the stuffing under the mushroom gravy.  It is my personal favorite because it is so super delicious!  It is Paula Deen’s “Good Old Country Stuffing” recipe, and you can find it here. (I altered the amount of some of the ingredients and tweaked it a little, but the base recipe is solid)

 The freshly-baked carrot cake our friend provided was light, delicious and the cream cheese frosting was to die for.

“Feed Me?”

This year we had a few new additions including two blondes that I was smitten with completely.  Look at these adorable faces (the one on the right is the “little Swiss”)!

Then there was the day after.

All of us met up again for “T-giving Part Deux” the following afternoon and we did it ALL OVER AGAIN.  You should have seen everyone crowding around the kitchen while the food was being heated – like caged animals waiting to be fed!  Let me tell you, it all tasted even better the second time around and I ate like a champ!

More good food and good company…put a fork in me, I am done.  Zzzz.