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“What’s Cooking?”

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

Today I’m beginning up close and personal because this pizza means business!

You know I can’t go too long without the ‘za, so here is my latest.

The concept of a “buffalo chicken pizza” is not original, but I put a couple of twists into my version that I feel makes it a wee bit special.

Can I tell you why I made this pizza?  I was doing a regular grocery store run and I came across this…

Frank's Red Hot

Frank’s Red Hot original cayenne pepper sauce.

You must understand, I don’t expect to come across such an “American” and lesser known product here in Marbella…especially when I can not find basic items such as red pepper flakes, cranberries or dried sage and many more!  So after I did a double-take then squealed in delight, I snatched the bottle off the shelf like I discovered a long-lost friend.  It was a good day.

What to do with it?  Wings?  Mmm, I love me some hot wings!  But wait, I have some pizza dough in the fridge.  Chicken wings + pizza = LOVE.  Done and done!

Let’s start!

Shredded Chicken

First, I poached (as you can see, it’s still a little pink inside as it will finish cooking on the pizza), then shredded a large chicken breast.  This is one of my first “twists”.  By poaching and shredding, each bite you take will give you tender, juicy pieces of perfectly sauced chicken.

Slice some red onions.

Celery Leaves

Now take a stalk of celery with the leaves still intact, wash and chop up a generous amount of the leaves.  They’re not only a gorgeous garnish, but these pungent leaves will give you the essential “wings with celery” flavor combination!

Time to take out your favorite blue cheese or ranch dressing.  I used ranch because I’m not a fan of blue cheese.  Roll out your dough then pour some dressing to cover, leaving the edges dry.  You don’t need much, just enough dressing to cover the dough with a light layer especially given that my dough is very thin.

Chicken With Frank's Red Hot

Next, mix Frank’s Red Hot sauce with your shredded chicken.  Mm-mmm!  Per usual, I don’t measure, I keep pouring in and mixing until all of the chicken is fully coated as you see above.

Distribute the chicken evenly on to your dressing-covered dough, along with shredded mozzarella cheese and the red onion slices.

Put it all in the oven and bake!  My thin crust pizza only takes 13-15 minutes.  I use a ready-made dough here in Spain (in SF, I use Trader Joe’s!), so follow the baking instructions of the particular dough you are using (for thicker dough, I usually bake it a while before placing on the toppings).

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Sprinkle on your chopped celery leaves when the pizza is hot out of the oven.  These tasty leaves are essential, so be liberal.  Feel free to drizzle the ranch dressing on top of the pizza as well.  Why not?

Eee-gads, why on earth am I putting this post together before dinner??  SO HUNGRY!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I served my Buffalo Chicken Pizza with carrot and celery sticks and a side of ranch.  Trust me, this tasted just like having a plate of wings with a side of celery sticks dipped in ranch…and much less messy!

I promise this is FANTASTIC plus it was a comforting, familiar taste of a good ‘ol American classic brought into our home in Spain.


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