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Lorenz is a brand we do not carry stateside (to my knowledge).  In my opinion, they produce yummy, quality snacks.  I love Saltletts (pretzel sticks) and Pomsticks (potato sticks)…but, in their line-up, they make something that is so strange that it defies explanation?

Perhaps my palette wasn’t prepared for this innovation…in the beginning.

Darling bf introduced me to Lorenz snacks and the unique, Curly.  He loves it.  When we’re in Spain, there is without fail, a bag of Curly in the house.

When I first bit into one, I thought “ugh, styrofoam??”.  But, as I began to chew, it dissolved into this gritty yet creamy, peanut-ty sensation!?  My head was telling me “no, NO, don’t eat this, you will grow hair on your chest, sprout a second thumb!”.  I stopped at one, but apparently the seed was planted.

Fast forward to many Curly bags later…hearing bf happily munching away next to me, waving the peanut-ty morsels under my nose, it finally wore me down (I’m weak that way).  So, I gave Curly a second chance.  It started with one piece, then two, and a few more.

I’m now up to a handful in one sitting.

As I said, some things should remain unexplainable.  Crunch.