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I spent some time visiting my parents last week.  They live in beautiful downtown Palo Alto, which is a mere 45 minute drive south from San Francisco.  If you’re not familiar with Palo Alto, it’s most known for being the home of Stanford University, venture-capital firms, a renowned medical center and the birth of Silicon Valley (thanks to that little company called HP).

Not too shabby, right…but my stomach and I want to share with you one of our favorite Palo Alto originals, Fraîche (pronounced, fresh).

This is the frozen yogurt that all others are compared to.  This is the holy grail of frozen yogurts.  This is the place that has spoiled my palate to all other yogurts.

I can imagine what you’re thinking.  Not another frozen yogurt place.  What makes this one so special?

To begin with, Fraîche’s founders were two entrepreneurial young ladies in their 30’s (currently one has taken over sole ownership).  These two long time friends wanted to bring a healthy, fresh, artisanal, delicious yogurt to the states after traveling throughout Europe and experiencing such products abroad.  The yogurt and frozen yogurt is made from scratch in small batches and all onsite.  When I say from scratch, I mean down to growing the bacteria in their own clean room and pasteurizing the milk themselves…all in the back of the storefront.

If that isn’t impressive enough, then trust me, it…tastes…good.  You feel good eating it and I kid you not, your body thanks you…internally…silently…or maybe that’s just me.

But there is one down side to all of this goodness.  The lines can be long…in all hours of the day.  Even with 5 other frozen yogurt shops within 1 mile radius, everyone “in the know” is at Fraîche.  It is quite the high-tech hot spot.  Between you and me, I have had a few memorable run-ins, such as FaceBook’s, Mark Zuckerberg and my personal favorite, Apple icon, Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace).

They have opened a location in San Francisco, but it doesn’t taste the same to me – maybe it loses a certain je ne sais quoi in the transport or maybe it’s just me again.  In any case, even if my parents move from Palo Alto, I will still drive 45 minutes to stand in line for this Fraîche.

Here are our two Fraîche “nano” size frozen yogurts.  I went with the original natural with coconut and bf chose the valrhona chocolate with some sort of crunchy something.  Honestly, I’m surprised my photo is clear because my hands were shaking in anticipation of tasting the cold creamy yumminess on my tongue.

Do you see how it’s starting to melt, which means that the weather is warm?  Do you see that it is casting a shadow…which means that there is sun?

Oh, Palo Alto, you are always so welcoming, thank you!