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Glad you returned for Part 2…(Part 1 is here)

…as you can see, Zozoi has a pretty garden dining area, but as the sun sets you lose all natural (and most of the) lighting so the rest of these photos are not in their prime.

Ok, half time is over, ding-ding!  Let’s eat!!

For my entrée, I ordered the special of the day – lubina stuffed with crab meat over vegetables and cream sauce.  Lubina is basically a european sea bass.  This was absolutely delicious – light, flavorful and great combination of textures.

Bf had the grilled fillet of beef with béarnaise and green peppercorn sauces over kenyan green beans with shallot butter.  I tried a bite of the beef, roasted tomato with peppercorn sauce and it was bliss.  Perfectly medium rare, full of flavor.

duck confit,

and a honey and rosemary crusted rack of lamb with roasted caramelized parsnips (this photo did not turn out at all).

By this time, my stomach took over my brain and so details were fuzzy.  Forks and knives were flying and conversation ceased.  Not for a minute did it cross my mind to take any notes or better photos.

Bad blogger.  Fantastic eater!

 You would think after this feast we would be satisfied.  But what kind of a feast would it be without dessert, coffee and aperitifs??

(fresh berry pavlova with mascarpone and cream)

Yes, the pavlova was as large as it looks.  It lasted about…5 minutes.

We ended our superb meal with a nice stroll through old town and managed to have room for another drink as well.

El Final!