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Today, I’m going to share a veritable feast with you from the lovely restaurant, Zozoi.  Located in Old Town Marbella, you can enjoy a nice walk through cobblestone pathways filled with shops, restaurants and lovely Spanish architecture before dining.  It is the most charming area of Marbella.

Other than the fact that Zozoi has the restaurant trifecta (good food, ambiance and service), it serves Spanish cuisine fusion-style.  It is a pleasant departure from traditional Spanish fare.

My 3 handsome dining companions and I shared a sampler of their appetizers, which included (in order from left to right): caramelized ribs, thai crab fish cake with mango salsa, tempura tiger prawns

…and zozoi tartare, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta and arancinis.

But that’s not all folks!  We kept the appetizers rolling with a tomato chili foccacia with olives & aïoli,

asian salad with crispy duck,

and lastly (my favorite), burrata truffle salad with jamón ibérico.

Did I mention that there was only 4 of us dining??  It’s an eyeful isn’t it?

Not any more!

At this point we had to take a breather (thank goodness I wore a forgiving skirt).  One of my dining companions said “Es un orgasmo de estómago!” — “It’s a stomach orgasm!”.

I couldn’t have said it better myself (though it sounded better in Spanish).

Stay Tuned for Part 2…it’ll be worth it!