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What a whirlwind Friday evening last week!  Two dinners in one night is even a stretch for me…and my stomach (as accommodating as it is)!

Perhaps you’re arriving in the middle of the story? (read part 1 here)

Let me recap & clarify…best friend, aka bff was in town last Friday, we ate an early dinner together since he had a flight to catch, then I returned from my airport run to nibble at a second dinner with bf (darling boyfriend) who couldn’t join us because he was still at work earlier.  Whew!

If you’re still with me, thank you for your patience and please join me for my second dinner.

It was almost 10PM and bf and I stopped by Anchor and Hope.  In Spain, this would be right around our usual dinner time!

I was feeling quite satiated due to my meal just a couple of hours earlier, but when a delicious Lobster Rémoulade along with a glass of bubbly appears in front of me I, miraculously, rally!  Heh.

  Charred Spanish baby octopus, edamame purée, housemade teriyaki on crostini.

(the ambiance was perfect for dining, but a challenge to get good shots with the lack of lighting)

In an attempt to save room for more to come, I tried a tiny bite of the octopus.  My mistake because alone it tasted only of…charred…octopus…bleh.  So I tried a bite with all of the components and it was then that I realized this was very tasty.  It pulled together well.

Sizzling Garlic Shrimp in shrimp oil, chili de arbol & parsley.

To our delight, this was almost identical to a popular Spanish dish called Gambas Pil Pil.  We both love to eat it while in Marbella, so it was a pleasant surprise to be having such an outstanding take of it in SF.  Not for the faint of heart or a first date – it is spicy, packet with flavor including an abundance of minced garlic.  Absolutely wonderful.

For once, I had a hankering for dessert.  Or maybe it was triggered by the fact that I was watching them plate these beauties from our seats at the bar.  Regardless, this dessert “spoke” to me and, thankfully, I heeded its calling.

Frozen Strawberry Shortcake – toasted coconut cake with kaffir lime mascarpone cream.

Oh my…for me to get excited about a dessert is a rare moment, but this was my kind of dessert!  Plump strawberries accompanied these velvety sandwiches of coconut cake/strawberry filling deliciousness.  The keffir lime cream and, the simple, but crucial touch of lime zest completed this dessert.  Heavenly!  I, reluctantly, shared the other half with bf.  If that isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

What a sweet ending to a wonderful gluttonous Friday evening spent with two of my favorite men!