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…a sushi and a burrito?

Why, Sushirrito, of course!

“Why can’t sushi be fast and fresh?
Why can’t sushi be high quality, quick, affordable and portable?”

By opening Sushirrito in 2010, founder Peter Yen found an answer to all of his questions above.

I was excited to try one of these hybrid creations!  So on a sunny day downtown, I stopped by their SOMA location.

Lucky for me, despite being lunchtime, the line was not bad and it bought me time to make my decision.  I was in the mood for fish, so it was a choice between a Kampachi, Yellow Fin Tuna or Salmon sushirrito on their menu.

The winner, Salmon Samba – teriyaki-baked king salmon (British Columbia), tempura asparagus, cucumber, Lola Rosa lettuce, avocado, pepitas, green onions with a wasabi mayo sauce.

This is the first time that one of my photos has been overexposed from too much sun!  To celebrate this beautiful San Francisco weather, I left the exposure as is.

It was truly like a giant sushi roll!  I do mean GIANT because this baby weighed at least a couple of pounds (it was quite a feat to juggle this bad boy with my left hand while attempting to take a photo with my right, thus…blurry shot).

The best part being that it wasn’t mostly rice, as one would expect.  It was packed with delicately baked salmon and all of the fillings.  The ingredients were super fresh, the tempura asparagus still crisp, cucumbers and pepitas also added a nice crunch.  It was a flawless combination of flavors and textures.

Beautiful weather and inventive fast food made for one terrific lunch!