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Shanghai is a city that is suffused with movement…with life!  From the previous time I visited in 2007, the city has swelled to a population of approx. 23.5 million from 18.5 million.  That’s a mind blowing gain of 5 million people in a short span of 5 years!

I had the pleasure of having a gorgeous day to walk around and take in a bit of this vast metropolis.

I’m glad that I could still spot glimpses of the rich history mingling amongst the sea of modern structures and high rise buildings.  Also, as a foreigner, I noted that the city is supporting a large community of expats who now call Shanghai their home and you find signs of that influence everywhere.

Anyways, it’s a bit of a shame to see some of the changes, but I guess that will happen with growth of this scale.

Speaking of growth.  It’s time to draw the focus back to my growth…specifically of my stomach.  Thank goodness for stretchy waistbands.

Beef Noodle Soup.

You’ll have to give me some leeway as on this day, I wanted to enjoy my day semi blog free.  Therefore, I only captured a few images to share with you.

Above, is one of the best beef noodle soups I have EVER tasted…and I have had my share.

In addition you can see that I had small plates accompanying my bowl of noodles.  Bites of spicy, cool and vinegary goodies as well as some pickled/salty greens that I sprinkled on top.

The noodles were out of this world!  The broth…oh my…rich beefy and layered with flavors that only a restaurant can produce.  The beef…what can I say, can one love beef even more?  When it tastes like this, yes!  Ridiculously tender, succulent and mouthwatering FANTASTIC.

This bowl of beef noodle represents what I love most about food and eating.  Keep it simple, use the best quality ingredients, cook them with pride/love and voilà…perfection and it shows in every bite.

After my lunch, my friend Eileen took me for a stroll around the French Concession area.

Hairy Crab.

Which brings us to a very important item.  Mom & I are visiting Shanghai during the peak season for Hairy Crab, which runs from mid-September through end of November.

Hairy Crab, or the Chinese Mitten Crab, is well known in Shanghai cuisine as a delicious, expensive and popular sought-after delicacy.  These fist-sized crustaceans got their “hairy” name due to their furry claws and legs.

Here, streetside, they are being tied up, ready to be sold!

You can clearly see their furry little legs as they sit in this restaurant display awaiting their fate.

On my next post, I’ll be at a Shanghai institution (for those in the know) that does only one thing…Hairy Crab…and does it the best!  So stay tuned for the ultimate, authentic hairy crab feast!