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“What’s Cooking?”

Feast your eyes on this…

Mmm, one juicy duck breast, so many possibilities!

I’m so predictable, aren’t I?  Another pizza.  In my defense, this was cooked almost two weeks apart from the fig and ham.  In my world, blogging does not always happen in real time!  Shocker, right?

But back to the pizza…draw your eyes to the edge of the crust.  What do you see?  No tomato sauce…no tomatoes for that matter.  A white pizza this time around!  The sauce is a simplified béchamel sauce.

First we baked the crust (yes, it’s our favorite “finissima” ready-made crust by Buitoni) along with the béchamel, thinly sliced potatoes (that were first fried in a tiny bit of duck fat…really…just go along with it and eat a salad tomorrow!) and white onion.

Once the crust is mostly baked, then add the greens (in this case, a mizuna/arugula mix), sliced duck and grated mozzarella cheese.

As you can see, this is bf’s handy work.  Hence, high on the calories and low on the health front.  That’s life.  It’s all a give and take.


Imagine these flavors blended together in one perfect bite – the rich sauce and duck, the creaminess of the cheese and potatoes, then a bite from the greens…all on a delicious thin crust.

C’est magnifique!