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“What’s Cooking?”

Good evening Marbella.  Thank you for the bewitching sunset.

Bf’s darling mother was visiting us when we first arrived in Marbella, so we dusted off the BBQ, brought out my favorite steak knives and threw on a gigantic piece of beef!  Specifically a Chuletón de Buey, which translates to “large beef chop” (of ox).  Indeed…moo.

You’ll find Chuletón de Buey on many Spanish menus.  If you are a meat lover, don’t bother with anything else.  The flavor & quality of this beef is first-rate and traditionally it is grilled, simply seasoned with coarse salt, sliced and served.  A carnivores dream.

Like you see it here.

I kept it simple with rice, sliced and grilled zucchini and made a Brazilian-style salsa vinaigrette fresh from the farmer’s market (diced heirloom tomato, onion, vinegar and olive oil).  When you are working with quality ingredients, the simpler the better!

It was a clear and balmy evening, so we enjoyed our fare on the terrace.  Bf’s mother claims “this is her favorite restaurant”.  I’m so glad because it was an ideal welcome-back-to-Marbella homemade meal with terrific company!