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“What’s Cooking?”

Guess what?  It’s that time again, time for land of siesta, tapas and tinto de verano!

You guessed it, I’m posting from Marbella, Spain!

(for those of you just joining me, bf and I live between Marbella and San Francisco)

This was taken our second day back.  As you can see, it was clear and sunny.  Unfortunately, it’s been raining (torrential at times) and stormy for the last 3 days, but that’s ok, we’re making the most of it (battling jet lag) and more sunny days are around the corner.

You’ll find that bf and I do a lot more cooking while in Spain, so look for more additions to the “What’s Cooking?” feature.

Speaking of homemade meals…I couldn’t pass the opportunity to share something delicious I had just before leaving SF.

Butternut squash ravioli with garlic, onions and arugula.

This is a super quickie on the stove.  Basically, cook some store-bought butternut squash ravioli (these are from Trader Joe’s…boy, I miss my TJ’s when abroad!), then simply pan fry slivers of onion and garlic in olive oil, white wine and a little red wine vinegar.  Add arugula and, most important, fresh sage and bring it all together.  Voilá!  Delicious!…and I didn’t lift a finger because darling bf put this all together.  My kind of meal!

I enjoyed every morsel, sitting on my sofa looking out at the San Francisco Bay.  Bliss.  Goodbye San Francisco, I’ll see you when I return!