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Commonwealth defines the act of harmonious food.  Darling bf took me here for my birthday meal…yes, another one.  Bear with me, it’s been an ongoing celebration this month, lucky me!

As I was saying, each dish should not be judged on its individual components.  Each component could certainly stand on their own, but here they seemed to only shine when they are eaten all together.  Hence, “harmony in layers”.

Kombu dusted malt vinegar potato chips with aïoli.

We started out our gastronomic feast with complimentary bubbly and nibbles.  You know you’re in trouble when chips are a pre-meal snack because who can stop with having just a few?

Smoked sardines with avocado ice cream, fennel, seaweed brioche, sesame and berry kimchee.

To me, this is the course that most defines the concept of Commonwealth.  Every bite was so incredibly different depending on how you combined the ingredients.  For example, when you built a bite containing all of the components, this dish really made sense.  It was so deliciously unique.

Brandade stuffed squash blossoms with chilled artichoke cream, celery and soft boiled egg.

Remember when I made a comment that I really liked fried squash blossoms without any filling on my post from Park Tavern?  Well, in this case, bring on the filling…if it’s brandade!  They seasoned this brandade (basically a salt cod/potato/olive oil emulsion) perfectly as it did not overwhelm the flavor of the squash blossom.

Squid on the plancha with watermelon, padrón pepper, cashew, black garlic and rice cracker.

I was doubtful of eating warm watermelon, but the savory & sweet combination worked with the superbly fresh squid along with a little heat from the pepper.

Young hen with nardello peppers, chanterelles, escalavida, parsley and garlic cracker.

This was bf’s main course and it was very good.  Can you tell I’m getting full?  Darn those potato chips!

Grilled lamb cheeks with shishito peppers, sesame spaetzle, raw bean salad and tomato dashi.

I was hitting my limit this evening and from this point forward my forkfuls were getting smaller…slower…though the appreciation was still very high!

This was a wonder in many textures and flavors.  Again, eaten all together it was really a fantastic and creative entrée.

Grape sorbet with almond granita and poppyseed meringue.

Just when I thought I could not ingest one more bite, they brought out this exquisite palate cleansing course and, trust me, I fought for my share!

Wow, this grape sorbet packed such a punch of flavor.  Amazing.  Refreshing.

Bruléed figs, fig leaf ice cream, walnut streusel, lemon crème fraîche.

How unfair.  Back-to-back delectable desserts after a very filling meal.  No worries, I managed to find more room in the ‘ol tummy.

I love me some disco ball so I had to share this tiny peek into the dining room/kitchen.

We had a very pretty meal here at Commonwealth.  The restaurant is unimposing in its decor and service, yet they deliver creative, delicious, haute cuisine that everyone can enjoy.

It was a memorable meal.