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Michael Mina is now a conglomerate in the restaurant industry.  In the San Francisco/Bay Area alone he has 5 World-Class restaurants, including Michelin rated “Michael Mina”.

On this evening, my indulgent parents treated me to a carnivores delight at Michael’s, Bourbon Steak.

Trio of Bourbon Steak French Fries.  Herb-sprinkled, harissa-scented, and cheddar-dusted with sauces of spicy ketchup, house-made aïoli, and creamy bbq.

When the house sends out complimentary starters, they somehow taste extra good, or am I alone in this sentiment?  But, in this case, these fried wonders need no aid because they are the best french fries in SF.  Perhaps because they are fried in DUCK FAT.  Game over, right?

With all of the different sauces and flavors, your combinations are vast, but I stick to their respectable pairings because it just plain works.

Monterey Bay Abalone with roasted garlic, pickled foraged mushrooms, confit fennel and golden balsamic.

What you see above is one of the reasons I chose to dine here for this special occasion.  For some reason, Abalone is not found readily in bay area restaurants and, boy, do I love abalone!  This appetizer was divine.  Light, flavorful, and riddled with different textures.  Such a delightful dish, made me smile eating it.

Fresh Ricotta Gnudi with duck meatballs, squash blossom and parmigiano-reggiano.

First of all, gnudi is pronounced “nu-dee”.  Heh.  Gnudi is a type of gnocchi made from ricotta cheese and a little flour…as you can image this was light and fluffy.  It is perfectly coupled with the stronger texture and flavor of the duck meatballs.


(Sis, I know you’re reading this and this was your kind of dish, we missed you that night)

8 oz. Angus Filet.

Beef shouldn’t taste this good and this is why I could never be a vegetarian.  I’ve cut back on my beef intake, but every once in a while, this is what I dream about and crave. Filet nirvana.

Creamy Black Truffle Mac & Cheese.

Oh YEAH, I went there.  Full octane, no holds barred, calorie and fat allotment for an entire week, all in one darling Staub ramekin.  I can’t say much about this other than Michael Mina’s mac & cheese is the benchmark.

18 oz. Angus Bone-in Ribeye with the side, Salt-Baked Potato “Loaded”.

Loaded?  It’s more like an avalanche!  Another caloric wonder and, honestly, toppings aside, the most flavorful potato I’ve tasted.

In the background, is darling bf’s conservative-sized 18 oz. steak.  May I add that he ate it down to the bone?  Sorry honey, had to share that.

Michael Mina’s Signature Root Beer Float – Sassafras, root beer and chocolate chip cookies.

Beignets with cinnamon sugar and Macallan caramel custard.

Berry Short Cake with mixed berries, lemon crème, lavender chantilly.

Yes, this was my birthday celebration with my dear family.  How fortunate that I was able to celebrate it together with them this year.  Thank you to my parents for a wonderful evening of fantastic cuisine and fun, loving company!