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I really don’t need another reason to love San Francisco, but it’s really pulling out all the stops.

Thanks to my friend Peter, I learned about this double rainbow that occurred on my birthday, September 5.  If it’s ok with everyone, I’m going to look at it as a gift from SF and Mother Nature.

I have NO idea how I missed seeing this spectacle since I was sitting in front of the window that evening.  If you read my last post, I even took a photo that evening because the sky was so dramatic!  Again, HOW did I miss this??  Sigh.

Photo courtesy of Toby Harriman

It seems the double rainbow stole the scene that night from the baseball game at AT&T Park as well.  If you’re interested, there are more wonderful photos (including ones from the baseball park) posted by SF Gate here.

This must mean a fortuitous year?  I certainly hope so.