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It’s time for happy belly!  Euphoric belly.  Belly on cloud nine!

You get the picture…

and I’m, selfishly, speaking of my belly.  But, I managed to bring you a little eye candy?

 This went down at a San Francisco favorite, SPQR.

First, I must disclose that this was my second time eating here in the same week.  I returned specifically to get these shots for you.  Ok, maybe not specifically, but I did make it a point to take some photos the second time around.  Do I get credit for that?

We started with the hawaiian kampachi “crudo” with avocado, cucumber, melon and saltwater asparagus.  I said “Aw, what a pretty horseshoe”…then inhaled it.

Yes, more avocado – I’m addicted.

Chicken liver mousse with elderberry jam and balsamic gelatina.

Oh my gosh, I felt my arteries closing with every bite.  It was completely worth losing a few minutes of my life.  Rich, creamy, salty and complemented with the most delicious elderberry jam.  I want this jam recipe SPQR!

Short rib tortelli, king trumpet mushroom, silician pignoli nut and red wine.


In my imaginary heaven, I would lay my head on these rectangular pillows of pasta perfection.

Spaghetti with rabbit ragu, picholine olive, lamb’s quarter and meyer lemon.

See that green picholine olive peeking out on the bottom?  Surprisingly, that’s what really made this dish.  Then the acidity of the lemon brought everything together.

This is proof that I can share food.  Food that I am really loving!  Granted, I was sharing with a good friend, so I maybe it is specific to the company.  Heh.

As you can tell, the two of us sat at the kitchen counter.  I highly recommend these “front row” seats, but it is not for us with a weaker discipline.  You WILL WANT TO ORDER EVERYTHING  that passes by you.

Basically, another phenomenal meal at SPQR and, I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m ready to return again.