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“What’s Cooking?”

What can you do with one lonely chicken breast?

You can turn it into a light & scrumptious taco meal!

On our quiet Saturday at home, bf whipped up this quick meal for the two of us.

The veggies are chopped red onion, orange bell pepper, jalapeño, tomato, avocado, salt, pepper and a generous squeeze of lime.  Our single breast of chicken is minced and stir-fried with onion, (more!) jalapeño & fajita seasoning.  We added a little Cholupa sauce to the sour cream and on the other side of the veggies is shredded pepper jack cheese.  You’ve picked up that I like my food on the spicy side?

Last ingredient, taco shells!  My big contribution was to heat them…note that a couple were a tiny bit sunburned…heh.

I accompanied my delicious taco with one of my favorite adult beverages, hard cider.  It’s a refreshing alternative to wine for me since I am allergic to beer.  Truly.  Anaphylactic shock, basically rush-me-to-the-hospital type allergy.

So, it’s a nice change to drink cider, especially with a spicy meal such as this one.  One of my favorites is from Ace Hard Cider and this is the Ace Perry Cider (pear).  They are award-winning hard ciders made locally in Sonoma County.  The taste is fresh, clean and you can distinguish the quality of the fruits and ingredients used.  Though this does not apply to me, it’s worth mentioning that this is also a gluten-free drink.

Where did the weekend go?  Is it already Wednesday and the first of August!?  Sigh.  Happy Humpday!