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When I travel to foreign countries, supermarkets are high on my list of places to visit.  Call me weird, but I think they are interesting and full of wonderful new discoveries!

So, while bf and his mother were running errands, I took a stroll through the northern German supermarket chain, CITTI Markt, in the city of Lübeck.

When it comes to food, Germans take several items very seriously.

Beer.  Bread.  Sausage.

But, I realized on this venture that though sausages are their mainstay, it also translates to deli meats.

For example, in San Francisco, I do the bulk of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  I think combined, they have a decent deli selection.  In Marbella, the Spanish definitely take their deli meats more seriously (ham!) and I think their selection at the butcher is pretty impressive….until now.

Let’s take a tour of CITTI’s sausage/deli section, shall we?  Follow me this way…oh, and…vegetarians, you’ve been warned.

We’ll begin with an entire aisle of canned sausages…

Patriotism…for sausages, ja!

Moving along…

I’m getting hungry…are you?

Should we take a break?  Maybe go to the fridge and make a sandwich?  What I would give to have this selection right now…

By now I was drawing some strange stares at the market.  I’m assuming it was because, a: I had a delirious grin and look of unabashed excitement on my face, and b: I had my camera clicking away like a fanatic paparazzi…at sausages.

I mean, seriously…are these Germans truly unaware that this is type of selection is…not normal!?!?

Are you still with me?

Big sausages, little sausages, long sausages, curly sausages…

Spicy sausages, tiny sausages, white sausages, dark sausages…

The end is near…

And we appropriately end on the extra large sausages…


Honestly, I left out a couple of shots for fear of boring you.  Can you believe this?  It’s a wonder to me that Germans can even survive outside of their country!