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As you know from my previous post, bf and I were visiting his mother in Germany.  Yes, were because now we are in San Francisco!  Yipee!  In any case, my next few posts will be on our quick visit.

Timmendorfer Strand is a resort/spa town located along the Baltic Sea.  I read that Timmendorfer Strand is where “native Germans go to the beach” because out of the more than 1 million people that visit annually, more than half are coming from northern Germany and only 2% are foreign guests.  Well, count me in as a happy foreigner amongst the natives!

 There is a lovely promenade along the beach that stretches far into the neighboring towns.  The small center of Timmendorf is anchored by their stately town hall and surrounded with shops and restaurants.  The whole town has a sophisticated yet quaint quality that makes me love it.

I was lucky to get a couple of photos when it was sunny because, unfortunately, the weather was pretty dismal throughout our visit.

You will see and hear more of Timmendorfer Strand in my future visits.  But, before I sign off, I wanted to share this beautiful photo with you.  After the birthday breakfast, the family took a leisure stroll to the beach and this handsome four-legged boy led the way…and always made sure we weren’t too far behind.