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Before I proceed, I’d like to share with you that I lost a few pounds prior to this trip to Germany.  Don’t fret…this was done in preparation for the abundance of food that is typically consumed when I visit bf’s darling mother.  She is the consummate hostess and we are lovingly indulged upon our arrival.

It all begins on the first morning.  We wake up to a beautifully set table and a lavish German breakfast.  On this morning we are also celebrating my dear bf’s birthday!

(A little bubbly with a delicious cake that was thoughtfully homemade by his sister)

Interesting tidbit, note the “Happy Birthday” candles on the cake?  No, this was not for the sake of the non-german speaking girlfriend.  Happy birthday in German looks like this, “Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag“.  Seriously.  So, for obvious reasons “happy birthday” is commonly used.

Our typical German breakfast includes brötchen (bread rolls), marmalade or jam, cheeses, ham, salami and sausage of different variety…and more bread.  Germans have hundreds of types of breads and bf’s darling mother basically brings in a fresh bakery every morning.

Hello expanding waistline.

Another special touch, is Nordseekrabbensalat (bowl in the photo below)which is a mayonnaise based salad made with tiny shrimp from the north sea.  The first time I came to visit, I expressed how much I enjoyed this sweet shrimp salad and bf’s darling mother now has a fresh, plentiful supply when we visit.  It is not safe for my thighs to express any of my likes in this household, but a heartfelt dankeschön to my dear hostess!