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This weekend, I thankfully, got a dose of extreme cuteness…of the furry kind.  If I don’t get a regular fix, depression sets in. (Isn’t that a symptom of dogoholism?!)

We were pressed for time, so it was a quick trip to Triple A.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit their web site, please do, they are sheltering over 300 dogs at the moment.

I’m happy to report that Nani arrived in Finland and is currently in her new home.  I’m waiting to receive more specifics and hopefully a photo, but no word from the new family yet.  I’m looking forward to fostering again after our travels and we return from San Francisco.

My visit was in the middle of the afternoon on a hot day, so most of the doggies were taking siesta.

This cuddly puppy was awake and gave us lots of licks.  Have you seen anything more adorable!?

One word says it perfectly for me…