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Los Abanicos is located in the mountainous village of Benahavis.  For a small town that is called by some “the dining room of the Costa Del Sol”, Los Abanicos is extremely popular and, personally, a favorite.  They serve the most delicious leg of suckling pig and shoulder of lamb.  The times I have strayed from either, I’ve regretted it.

The main problem with Los Abanicos is that the food is…soo…good.  I have dined here several times, but it’s been a challenge for me to take the time to snap a photo prior to stuffing my face.  So please, don’t judge the quality or lack-of photos, you’re really lucky these even exist!

As you know, with suckling pig, the problem is keeping the meat juicy, yet rendering the skin crispy and free of excess fat.  Here, in a Los Abanicos signature dish, they create a balance of both.  Can you see the crispy skin perfection on this suckling pig?  (Go ahead, click on the photo, it’s worth viewing larger!)

What about the luscious glaze on this lamb? (Many carbs were ingested for the sake of this juice!)

Before you even order, they serve you a delicious paté, fresh-out-of-the-oven loaf of bread infused with garlic olive oil, and a side of tomato sauce (freshly blended tomatoes).  All of their main courses are accompanied with generous sides of rice, thick french fries and vegetables.  I defy you to leave here hungry.

Pair all of this with good, friendly service in an upscale (but not stuffy), charming Spanish ambiance and it’s no wonder Los Abanicos is so popular in this town of many dining choices.