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“What’s Cooking?”

My mother is an amazing home cook – I dream about her food!

I have learned 1% (um…and I’m rounding up) of her recipes because, quite frankly, anything that requires more than a dozen ingredients and more than two hours in the kitchen, doesn’t make the cut.

But this is a dish that is, not just simple, but ideal for warm summer climates.  It’s tangy with diverse textures, and versatile as you can replace the protein/veggies.  I had it with a simple Spanish rosé on the side and it was a quick, light and refreshing meal!

(noodles, julienned cucumber/egg/ham, red wine vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce and dash of ground red pepper)

[In “What’s Cooking?”, I only include the basic ingredients on the post.  If you care for a full recipe, just let me know!]