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They say, “all good things must come to an end”, and befitting, Nani is traveling to her permanent home in Finland tomorrow.

We had a fun outing at our beach the other evening.  Though the focus was to enjoy our time together, we managed to capture a couple of decent photos.

Nani loves playing on the beach…she’s not a big fan of the water, she loves that sand is home to a lot of goodies, and she runs us ragged!

Poor little girl, she is probably going to think we are abandoning her.  It’s something we considered prior to fostering.  But, in the end, isn’t it better that she was loved & pampered (and recovered from kennel cough) while living with us, rather than awaiting her departure at the shelter?

In any case, I will miss her and will be sending her off tomorrow with a sad, but enriched heart.  Thank you Nani.

(Keeping me company while I’m writing this post….boy, I’m going to miss this sweet dog!)