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In a one hour drive, we were in England yesterday…um, technically, since Gibraltar is British “overseas territory”.  A quirky colony located at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and at the entrance of the Mediterranean.  I found it English charming, with a gritty Spanish flair.  I got to use some left over sterling pounds, ate passable English fare and did a little duty free shopping.  A lovely Sunday!

Barbary Macaques

There are currently around 250 Barbary Macaques living freely in an area that is known as the Upper Rock.  They were better behaved than I imagined and seemed sweetly serene and earnest.  They were very comfortable grooming, taking siesta and basically living their lives in the midst of us trespassing tourists.

Auditorium inside of St. Michael’s Cave

Also located in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve is a network of limestone caves created over a thousand years.  Pictured above is the Auditorium in the main Cathedral Chamber and it is used for concerts and plays as it has excellent acoustics.